Rattling Creek 25/50 Marathons

Date: 2011-08-21
Race Type: Marathon

Registration and lots more Information: BikeReg

Rattlin' Weekend 2011

50 Mile MTB Marathon
25 Mile MTB Half-Marathon (non-points race)
50 Mile Experience! Option (non-points race)

Rattlin' 30K Trail Run on Sat too! (link to reg)



All courses are SINGLE LAP 
(if you do the 50 you are NOT doing two 25 mile laps)

The race start/finish location is planned as downtown Lykens!!

Registration and sign-in for mountain bike events:
Saturday Night (6-9pm): Kevin's Place Restaurant
Sunday morning (7:30-9am): Lykens' Glen Park (camping area).

This is a new start location from previous years please see below for more directional information

Special thanks to Lykens for hosting camping for participants at the beautiful Lykens Glen park and the yummy post-race meal!


Day of registration and Race Day Schedule

On-site registration will open at 7:30AM and run until 9:00AM
Race start is 10:00AM
Race Awards at approximately 5:00PM

Final checkpoint time limit (approx 2/3rd through course) - 3:30PM

Included in ALL MTB Event Entries:

Camping on Fri. and Sat. Night (showers available too!)
Fully Stocked Aid Stations with all sorts of good stuff
Post-Race Meal at Lykens' Glen Park
Special Offer Card from Local Lykens' Businesses
Rattlin' Weekend Finisher's Award!

Early Entry - $50 Special through April 1.
Regular Entry - $60 through Aug 15. 
I can't decide until almost the last minute: $70 Aug 15-18
Race Day Registration
:  $80

ON-LINE Registration closes on Aug 18.  
No pre-registration accepted after this time.  


Course information:
The courses are new for 2011!

We are very happy to be working closely with Lykens, IMBA, DCNR, DCED, the Rattling Creek SingleTrackers and more in creating a new trail linking Lykens directly to the incredible trail network at the top of the ridge.

While the new trail may not be in place for this year's edition, you can be sure that you'll be dropping right into town in 2012 on what may well be PA's longest singletrack descent!  More information about the Lykens' plans and project status can be found by visiting the Outdoor Experience Website.  Come out and help us create this great link!

The course is lollipop style in layout - in other words you go out the stick, do a lap of the candy goodness and then return on the stick.  Only the candy at the end is more like lumpy rough rock candy than a nice round tootsie pop.  Actually, so is the stick part.

The 50 and 25 milers start out the same.  At some point part way through the course the 25 miler diverges so that when those of you doing the shorter one get back to the finish line you've done about 25 miles.  Those of you doing 50 keep on keepin' on at that point and when you get back a little while later you'll have about 50 miles in for the day.

There are two checkpoints for the 50 miler at about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way through the course.  The 25 miler will hit one checkpoint.


Start:  The start is located in downtown Lykens at the refurbished Lykens Train Station.  Parking will be at the Dauphin County Glen Park located in Lykens (see below for directions).

Finish:  Finish location is TBD at this point and will depend on the status of the trail project come August.  It is likely that we will be finishing on the trails at the top of the mountain and then descending by way of the road back to the Lykens Park for post race refueling and refreshment!

Camping is also located at the Glen Park by way of special consideration from Lykens and Dauphin Co. Parks!  Thank you!!



Glen Park in Lykens is open for camping for event participants on Friday and Saturday evening.  Campers must have their sites packed up by 9AM though as the park is in use by other folks throughout the day.  There is no cost for the camping - it is included in the entry fee.  Please be sure to register for a site if you are planning to camp even though there is no cost.  

Again, we have been allowed special use of the Glen for camping as it is normally a day-use only park.  Please be on your best behavior and Leave No Trace!!

If you are camping ONLY Saturday night
First, get yourself to LYKENS, PA where racers and hangers-on may camp at Lyken's Glen Park
To get to the Glen Park:
From the traffic light in Lykens at Rt 209 & Market St.

GPS - Longitude 76.696528, Latitude 40.561724


From Main Street in downtown Lykens turn south on Market Street. Go four blocks, cross the creek and bear left onto Park View / Powells Valley Road. The park is on your left.
The easiest way to make sure you're in the right place is to go to the furthest park entrance furthest from Lykens and turn in here.  For those of you directionally challenged that will put you in the right place.
Please note:
You must be packed up and outta there by 9AM

If you google "Lykens Glen" or "Lykens Glen Park" you can find it just fine.  Also, here is a linky-poo to the Dauphin Co site about the Park



If you are camping BOTH Friday and Saturday nights OR JUST FRIDAY
Camping for you will available at the Boro Park


The Boro Park is on Route 209 in Lykens at


200 Main St. Lykens, PA


You may put your tent where ever you like at the park and leave it up for the weekend, but please realize the park will be in use by residents during the day and is not a "secure" facility. 


You are solely responsible for your possessions 
The promoter, staff and Boro of Lykens is NOT responsible for your things.


Please be sure to throw down some coin in the businesses in Lykens and Northern Dauphin County during your visit to show your appreciation for the community's support!

There are showers available at the park in the pool area for all racers (see directions to Boro Park above).

From the swell folks at the Lykens Boro:
"Lykens Boro council is making the showers at the Lykens Pool available to all the campers on both Saturday and Sunday.  The hours for the pool are Saturday and Sunday, 12-7pm.  The council members are very willing to do whatever we can to accommodate the bikers."

See, told you they like you.  Now buy some stuff in their town!!


The 50 miler will pass through the same checkpoint twice approximately 1/3 and 2/3rds of the way through the race.

The 25 mile race will pass through the checkpoint once. 

The checkpoint will be stocked with the usual array of "power" food and some more regular fare.  We will have both water and HEED from Hammer Nutrition available at the checkpoint for fluid.  The supplies will be a mix of things.  If you have particular requirements you should pack your own.

We will transport one aid station bag for each participant.  If you are preparing your bag in advance use a 1 gallon ziplock style plastic bag.  You will need to put your race number on the bag on race day.


Rattling Creek Trail Network

The Rattling Creek Singletrackers (RCST - google "Rattling Creek Singletrackers") have done a stellar job creating an incredible network of trails on this wide ridge in central PA.  RCTS got on board with the IMBA way of trail building early on and built a showcase of what can be accomplished when mountain bikers and property owners and governmental organizations work together.  


Local Sponsors

Kevin's Place Restaurant and Tavern
105 Main St, Lykens, PA 17048
They serve all kinds of food. Full course dinners or sandwiches, burgers
and fries.  Full bar with draft beer on tap.

Boyers Food Market
Main Street, Lykens, PA 17048

They offer a full line of groceries, medical/first aide, salad bar, hot
foods deli/meats. 

Both of these are located close to race camping and for many of you will be on your way to and home from the race.  Please support our sponsors and tell them you were in town for the race!


Promoter reserves right to make changes as needed to protect trails or improve the competitiveness of the event.

Event is Shine or Rain - Rain conditions may result in course alterations to protect trails where warranted. 

No Refunds on Entry Fee.  Entries may be transferred through 8/10 for $15 fee.

The Rattling Creek Singletrackers (RCST - google "Rattling Creek Singletrackers") have done a stellar job creating an incredible network of trails on this wide ridge in central PA.  RCTS got on board with the IMBA way of trail building early on and built a showcase of what can be accomplished when mountain bikers and property owners and governmental organizations work together.  

Now you get to race on their creation.  
Thank you RCST!!  
Yinzers Rawk!!

We're making a few changes to things - if you don't know by now, I'm always messing with the recipe to come up with something even yummier. 

And, if you like the race you ought to come back and check out the RCST Bash in September to ride the trails, chow down on chili, and see if you can navigate Rock's Ridge without a single dab to become King or Queen of the Bash!

There will be three checkpoints on the course for all marathon racers.

Also on tap is the Open XC race.  This gives a little sampling of the RCST yumminess to those of you not into a long long day in the saddle.

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