Beauty and the Beach

Date: 2015-10-31
Race Type: Womens 4 Mile Run

Why do it? 
o To put it simply, this is a race designed BY women, FOR women.
o I need a reason to buy a new outfit!
o I love being 50 years old (it is the new 40!) and being active. 
o I want to motivate myself, or my girlfriend/mother/daughter/sister. 
o I am one of those crazy runners who is always trying to improve my time and go faster!
o I am just getting started. I walk and I try to run a little, and I think I can do 5 miles. 
o I love chocolate and the goody bag sounds awesome!!! 
o The merchandise is super super cute!

Who benefits?

Aslan Youth Ministries is an organization dedicated to helping children, one child at a time. Aslan is a non-profit organization headquartered in Red Bank, NJ serving urban youth and their families in Monmouth County. Aslan was founded in 1975 to work with Camp Shiloh, an organization serving disadvantaged children in 11 areas in and around New York City. In 1996, Aslan established an outreach in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, West Indies. With Aslan, teens from America traveling to Haiti each summer to run summer day camps for Aslan’s children in Haiti. Aslan employs six full-time and one part-time staff member. Over 250 adults regularly volunteer their time and talents to serve as mentors, tutors, youth class teachers, board members, coaches, office helpers, bus drivers and valuable in-kind services in areas such as computer consulting, and pro bono legal assistance.

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