Race For Resources

Date: 2015-11-07
Race Type: 5K Run & Walk

The Race For Resources sponsored by Bucks County Autism Support Coalition is a fun-filled, family friendly event and is our most powerful force to fund our over 150 free events that take place through each year.  Which each dollar that we raise we take another step closer to our goal of Autism Center of Excellence and Life Enrichment Facility.  Experience the power of thousands brought together by a single cause by joining The Race For Resources.

NEW IN 2014 the Family Walk will offer 5 total poker card stations. At each station participants will have the option of picking up one playing card per station to make a 5 card poker hand. At the finish participants will turn in their hands for the opportunity to win prizes for top placing hands.

- See more at: http://www.raceforresources.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1098280#sthash.OCaw8eQS.dpuf

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